Mora Presser notes

“Adversity turns weak people into victims and strong people into competitors, and we’re going to find out who is strong and who is weak.” -Jim Mora.

  • Mora says the team is inconsistent and, today, did not execute well (which he said was rare).
  • Favre Cam is the silliest thing ever and I love it. Sorry, random though, but very true.
  • Mora pointed out that Dallas is healthy. So are the Seahawks, more or less. After ten minutes of squawking about accountability, seemed like a silly thing to say.
  • On the 3 PIs on Tru — his legs got a little heavy, which we expected to happen; Mora says he didn’t have a good view on two of the three.
  • No update on any injuries, Ken Lucas being the big one.
  • McIntosh did some “decent things.”
  • Houshmandzadeh “needs to get in line, we’re all frustrated.”
  • “They’re professionals. And they’re paid a lot of money to compete, and it will not be tolerated for them to not perform.” (I lost most of the quote, but that was the basic point. He sounded pissy though…)