Midseason Check-in with Ruskell

Clare Farnsworth sat down with the most divisive man in Seattle Sports, Tim Ruskell. The article is worth reading, but only if you can handle hearing a lot of tripe about consistency in between the real information. Ruskell discusses a few things at length — the injury problems, how the process is process of moving to Jim Mora is going, and a little bit about David Hawthorne. Specifically, with regards to The Heater, Farnsworth asks about the 3-4:

Q: With Hawthorne’s development into a playmaker, are there any thoughts of switching to a 3-4 defense next season when Tatupu returns?

A: “Sure, and that’s the great thing about Jim and this staff. It’s not just, ‘This is my way. You plug guys in, if they can’t play then it’s the next guy.’ You can’t do that in the modern NFL. There’s too much change and there are too many new trends going on. Who would have even thought about the Wildcat three years ago?

“But sure, a guy like Hawthorne looks like he can play this game and he should be on the field. So, at the very least, you have to start thinking, ‘OK, maybe there’s a 3-4 package.’ I think that’s the great thing about Jim and this staff is their creativity and they’re not afraid of innovation and change. Jim’s the guy that brought it up, ‘Hey, how would we be able to do that when Lofa gets back?’ So, yes, that’s absolutely the way they think.

“It’s too early to say whether it could be a fulltime change. That’s something when you have the time you assess that. You look back on everything and say, ‘OK, with these defensive linemen, would it be too big a hit in terms of guys who wouldn’t fit the 3-4?’ “