Looking Ahead

It’s never too early to start planning ahead — especially if your football team is in fairly dire need of looking to this year’s draft class for a potential Walter Jones replacement.

Mike Sando takes a look today at offensive linemen who may enter the 2010 draft, and has a discussion with Scouts Inc’s Steve Muench about which NFC West teams could take one of them as early as the first round. In Sando’s list, Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung leads the way with an overall grade of 96. Following Okung are Oklahoma’s Trent Williams, Iowa’s Bryan Bulaga and USC’s Charles Brown. Take a look at the list and then see what Sando and Muench address regarding the Seahawks’ system and who of this potential group fits the bill:

Mike Sando: Seattle has adopted more zone concepts in its running game. How do these players project?

Steve Muench: Williams would fit very well in a zone scheme. Okung would also be a great fit for the zone scheme. What Okung did with Brandon Pettigrew last year, in 2008 — they were excellent together at sealing the edge. You see the same thing with USC’s Charles Brown and their tight end, Anthony McCoy. They do a good job of passing off guys from one another, keeping their heads up and reacting to the defense.

From what you’ve all seen so far this year in college ball, who could everyone see as the best possible prospect at left tackle? Ruskell may have his eye on USC product Brown, which wouldn’t be surprising, but this seems to be a much better class at lineman than last year was.