Locklear, Wilson to Start

Ladies and gentlemen, you have a starting lineup.

Sean Locklear will start at left tackle for the third time this year, and Josh Wilson will start opposite Marcus Trufant at cornerback after outplaying Ken Lucas the first eight games of the year. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks will line up for the first time this year with their actual, real, live starting lineup. No PUP list. No nagging injuries. No “sit him to make sure he’s healthy. No more nothin’. We have a football team.

Excited? I am. But also terrified… what if, by some chance of fate, these Seattle Seahawks are not in fact a Super Bowl quality team. I know, it’s a shocking thought, but we’re about to figure it out; the good news is, if we lose this game, we don’t stand a chance to make the playoffs, so at least we’ll know that our crappy team would be getting a good draft pick…

What kind of game do we have to look forward to? Who knows. Both of these teams are schizophrenic, so it could be another blow out (it could go either way) or it might come down to the wire. One thing is for sure: I’m gonna pee myself in sorrow if we don’t find a way to win.