Locklear or McIntosh?

Sean Locklear took snaps with the first team offense on Friday, which is definitely heartening news for anyone hoping that the Seahawks will return to full strength as we enter the homestretch. Will it help? Absolutely.

But not this week.

Damion McIntosh almost certainly will, and should, start this week. There is no reason to push Locklear to return this week against a team that — lets be honest — if we can’t beat with our fifth string LT, the season is pretty much unsalvageable anyway. So, most likely, the Seahawks and Mora push Damion McIntosh out there one more week. McIntosh played just fine last week, so why rush Locklear back from such a painful injury?

Still, as utterly UNLIKELY as it is, the Seahawks are indeed going to be going back to full strength very soon. Is this a real football team or not? We’re going to find out in the next three weeks. If we lose this week, the answer is: “no.” If we beat the Cardinals on the road (they’re 1-3 at home), the answer is still evasive. If we can string together 3 in a row, we’re at .500 and have proven something to ourselves.

Is it possible? Hell yes.

Is it likely? With these guys? No.

But it’s possible, and at 2-5, we need every scrap of hope we can find.