Liveblog: Ruskell Press Conference

10:33 – It’s a wrap. Click below for live bloggery.

10:31 – Best moment? The NFC Championship game, at home, Paul Allen raising the 12th Man flag, that was magic.

10:29 – How was working with Mike? Tim: It was great, it was professional, there was respect, and I’m proud of how it worked. My only regret is that I won’t be here 5 years from now when he goes into the ring of honor. With he and Tony Dungy, I’ve been blessed in my career to work with people like that.

10:27 – Tim, any second thoughts on any moves? My best moments come from the draft, I’m obviously proud of Joe Jurevicius, Pat Kerney when he first came over. We haven’t brought in a guy who didn’t give us everything he had. People point to Hutch, I just looked at my will to change it from Burial to Cremation so they can’t put on my tombstone “Here Lies the Man Who Lost Hutch.”

10:27 – Tod, if injuries were the reason, why was no extension considered at the end of 08? Well, obviously injuries matter but 4-12 is still 4-12. Ownership has exacting standards.

10:25 – Would you bring in Mora how you did, if you could do it again? Yes. We had a meeting with Mike in December, if I don’t retire after this year, I will after next. You need to find a successor. It was clear. After that, we brought in Jim because that was the clear choice. I do not feel like that was what made 2008 2008. I think injuries had the most to do with it, and then it was a snowball.

10:24 – Holmgren? “I’m not gonna talk about that today, but we are going to do a thorough process to ensure we find JUST the rigth person to run this organization.”

10:23 – Clayton – how do you protect against disfunction? The person who brougth in Mora won’t be his boss now. [radio feed broke out, damnit]. “I don’t think this is a franchise that needs to beg someone to come out here, so we’re gonna find someone who fits our idea of success going forward.We’re going to be thoughtful, we’re going to take time.”

10:21 – Off field character decisions, in retrospect were you wrong? “For me, no. You can be a tough guy and be a good guy, the trick is to find those guys. Those are the ones who’ll pull you through. When we say character, people think we’re talking about choir boys. We’re not. It’s passion, perseverance, it’s all those things. It worked here, but right now, we’re going through a shift and right now, it’s just not working.”

10:20 – How did you feel about the organization when you got here, and how about now? Initially there was disfunction when I got here. The culture needed to change and Tod and I worked to change it. I’m as proud of that as anything that we did, we did change the culture around, we got people to believe in themselves and to realize the value of every body. I think that had a profound affect on how the team played. We made tough changes, the coaches weren’t on board on all of those.

10:19 – Ruskell: I love this organization, and I will miss it and the people. There will be no bitterness whatsoever. I’ve learned from the experience.

10:18 – We’ll be working 7 days a week to find the right person. We will do a thorough analysis to look at every thing about this team, we’re going to ask people inside the building, the players, and outside advisors. In doing this now, thanks to Tim, we are able to have these discussions. We’ll spend the next few weeks doinga  thorough evaluation of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and after that have a nice assessment of this team and what we’re looking for in a new leader.

10:18 – Do you have a short list? “We’ve just started thinking about it, the reality is this is a pretty fluid decision so far. We just decided that this was the right time.’

10:17 – Leiweke – I fully expect Jim Mora to be retained.

10:16 – We thought we did an excellent job with free agency and the draft, that all fell well, but it wasn’t going to be done in one year (switching to Mora’s system). We felt that with another offseason, it would come together, but it just hasn’t happened yet. The teams who play well now, they sought out their identity too.

10:15 – Ruskell: A team needs to have an identity. We downplayed the amount of change. When you change the head coach, offensive and defensive schemes and 20 players, that’s a ton of change. It hasn’t hit yet. You’ve got to beat a team that everyone says you’ve got no chance to win, and that just hasn’t happened.

10:14 – About Jim Mora: I think the reasons Jim was brought here are still completely valid today. I have confidence in him and believe his young staff is coming together.

10:13 – The conventional thinking is you make these decisions at the end of the year, but Tim was anxious. He asked the question, and the answer was we wouldn’t extend. Sounds like they wanted to wait until year-end, but his hand was forced.

10:12 – This isn’t about giving up on the season, this about Tim’s contract. Collectively decided we wouldn’t extend. [Ruskell interrupts — that’s something I pushed for, it wasn’t fair for Jim and the guys to start talking abotu Free Agency and such if Ruskell wouldn’t be there to lead it]

10:11 – Q to Tod: Why were you not willing to extend? Tod: We believe TIm will have other opportunities, but we needed to begin a search for a new leader. We are both benefitting by starting that now rather than later. Quite frankly, we didn’t win enough games last year or this year. I work for a man with exacting standards (Paul Allen). With this franchise comes expectations, bottom line: we didn’t win enough games.

10:10 – When you’re building a pro franchise, the last thing to come is the wins. I will leave this with nothing but positive, the good outweighs the bad, and I appreciate [the opportunity].

10:10 – Sorry, the *!%! server is slower than hell, so the liveblog is failing. I’m still working on all of it.

10:10 – We were able to quickly move out the people not interested in doing it right, and we did it together.

10:09 – It’s been a wonderful five years, the Super Bowl, the wins the losses, we did it together, we did it all together. I’ll never forget that or the opporunity they gave me to help.

10:08 – Ruskell: Obviously there’s sadness today. But, I will leave here with great memories of this place and the people. I’m proud of what we’ve done and what we did, and I wish the new phase had gone quicker but it didn’t. To me, the memories of this place will be the people.

Ruskell is hardest working man I’ve ever worked with, and beyond that, he’s a truly great man. He gave it everything he had, et cetera et cetera. A life long friend, wishing him the best going forward.

10:06 – Leiweke: without the man to the left (Ruskell) we wouldn’t have the NFC Championship ring. Without Ruskell, we wouldn’t have the VMAC. Without Ruskell, we wouldn’t have Mora.

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