Knapp: “Part of this is on me.”

Greg Knapp spoke with reporters today, a rarity this season for the quiet OC. Eric Williams has the highlights:

“Part of this is on me. As a coordinator new to the division, just like I went through some growing pains with Arizona week one versus the second time we faced them, I learned some things about what’s good against that scheme and personnel that we did not use.”

The offensive line should be better this week than it was in week one, with Sean Locklear at full strength and Max Unger 11 games into his career rather than 1. Also worth noting is that Rob Sims has really come into his own this year and especially in the last few games. So, the line is getting better, and the run game seems to be improving as a result. I think there’s a very good chance that the Seahawks walk away with the win this week. In fact, if we don’t, I would consider it both a surprise and a disappointment. This is one we’ve been banking on all season.