Keys to the Maim – Bucs v. Hawks

The Seahawks face the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay this afternoon in what could potentially be the least exciting matchup of these two teams since 1976. The Bucs have won a game this year at least, but they are still on pace to break their franchise record for most losses (in 1976, they went 0-14). If this isn’t a blowout, expect hell for Mora. So, what to look for in this should-be maiming?

  • Max Unger. He’ll get his first start at Center today, and could potentially have a lot of screw-ups. That’s okay, and it’s expected. Would he be starting his first career game against anyone other than the Bucs? I sort of doubt it. Timing and need lined up perfectly here, and Mora would’ve been a boob to not start him, despite my early prediction that it would be Vallos. Props to Mora on making the right move here, regardless of the outcome.
  • Chris Spencer / Mike Gibson. They’ll be sharing time at right guard, and a lot of us fans who have been saying for two or three years that Spencer is a poor center but would be a great guard will finally be proven right… or wrong. We’ll see. Also, is Mike Gibson going to be worth holding on to? The fact that he’s getting real time to play is a sign that the coaching staff seems to think he is.
  • Deon Butler. Branch is getting the start at Flanker, but Butler will be our #3 and should be on the field a lot. I want to see Butler being used properly; yes, send him down field a few times, but he has the potential to be our most dangerous receiver if he gets the ball in space — can Knapp figure out how to do that?
  • Pants. The Seahawks are playing with their home jerseys and their alternate pants again. I saw this in person a few weeks ago, and I can tell you first hand: it’s an awful look. Why don’t they just run out there in sweat pants?
Your turn. What matters at this point?