Keys to the Game – Week Nine

Somehow, I think that I’m not the only one who is getting damn tired of saying “this week is a must-win for the Seahawks.” Alas, that is certainly the case today. The Hawks have four games against four last-place teams in the second half of the season — the Lions, the Bucs, the Rams and the Titans. All four MUST be won, obviously. Then we need to pick up a few others — the Cardinals and 49ers are especially important. Still, if we lose this game the draft guide gets broken out and hell, I might as well just redirect the site to Rob Staton’s Draft Blog.

We won’t do that though, because we’re gonna crush these joikawfs. Here’s how:

  1. No friggin’ injuries. You can’t afford any more if you want to try to recoup and compete as a unit, especially on the O-Line. I’m hoping that the Hawks don’t rush Locklear back in there unless McIntosh is suffering. Why would you?
  2. Houshmandzadeh needs yards and receptions when it matters. Anyone else insanely annoyed with him? I know there are. The easiest solution is for him and Matt to get on track, and I’m hoping these next two weeks get them where they need to be. I really do believe there is an outside chance that we can compete if we get going, but they need to lead that effort.
  3. Defensive Line must deliver on pre-season promises. If you can’t do it against the Lions, who are you going to do it against? Look for a D-Line rebuild if these guys can’t really start clicking. Mebane has been good, but not Pro-Bowl like I had expected. Cole has been solid, but again, not super duper. Cory Redding needs to show up in a big way. LoJack has been the most pleasant surprise, and Darryl Tapp has been playing like a man possessed. Both of them are probably our defensive MVPs thus far… still, they need to play TOGETHER and play well.
  4. No injuries. For real.