Keys to the Game – Texans

The Seahawks play the Houston Texans today in a game that is, on the face of things, pretty meaningless. In reality though, the Texans need to win out their games in order to have the first winning season in franchise history, and the Seahawks are looking to continue gaining momentum as the season draws to a close. Technically, neither team is eliminated from the playoffs yet. So, how do the Hawks hold off the Texans?

  1. Andre Johnson – Johnson is the best WR in football. Sorry Fitz. Johnson is a phenom and almost impossible to shut out. Look for the Seahawks to go after Johnson in the same manner they did Fitzgerald. Unlike Arizona, Houston doesn’t have a legitimate #2 or #3 threat at WR. They have good, but not great depth, and no one that requires a game plan in the manner of Boldin or Breaston.
  2. Pressure Schaub – Matt Schaub has a bum shoulder. Let’s get to it, yeah? With Steve Slaton on the IR and neither of the other two RBs being huge threats, the Texans will likely be trying to pick apart our secondary. If we can hit Schaub early and often, we can get him hurting or at least feeling uncomfortable.
  3. Burly Housh and D-But – I want three WRs involved heavily in this game for the Seahawks, and one of them is Deon Butler. Forsett and Jones will be sharing the carries, which is fun, but we need Matt back on track. He has failed to throw for more than 200 yards in back to back weeks against two poor secondaries. If you want Matt on this team in 2010, it’s probably time for him to start finding his WRs.
  4. Start fast. It’d be a first.