Julius Out, Stephen Jackson Active for Rams

No surprise on Jones, of course, but Stephen Jackson is active, which means Gus Bradley is going to know where to focus his defense today.

Marc Bulger and Jason Smith are both out for this game. Kyle Boller will be the starting quarterback for the Rams, and if the Seahawks don’t make his life a living hell for 60 consecutive minutes today, I’m going to question whether or not this team and this coaching staff actually has a pulse.

As if that wasn’t enough for the Rams on their injury report, starting fullback and Stephen Jackson’s lead blocker Mike Karney is also inactive today; such is the case with our least favorite NFL assclown, Richie Incognito. It’s probably safe to predict 62 fewer penalties without him on the field.

Justin Forsett will get the start today as the Seahawks’ every-down back. I want to say he’ll split time with Louis Rankin, but judging by last week’s outrageous zero carries for Rankin, I won’t count my chickens quite yet. Greg Knapp needs to get this kid involved, especially on a seemingly-hapless opponent.