Jeff Jagodzinski a Possibility for Offensive Coordinator?

by: Matthew Heuett

According to USA Today and College Football Talk, Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski has been told that he will be fired if he interviews for the Jets’ head coach opening, which apparently hasn’t stopped him from doing just that. If he doesn’t land the New York job, it’s quite likely that he will be asked to interview for the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator job.

Having never watched any of Boston College’s games, I have no idea whether this possibility should excite or concern me. Would anyone who knows more about Jagodzinski care to weigh in?

UPDATE: as SA reader Just a Guy pointed out in the comments (and I completely forgot to mention myself), Jagodzinski worked on Jim Mora’s coaching staff in Atlanta in ’04 and ’05 as an offensive line coach. If I’m going to insinuate that he’s a possibile candidate for the job, then I suppose I should remember to tell all you nice people what his connection is to the new Seahawks regime, no? Sorry ’bout that.