Is Branch Going To Be Out Sooner Than Later?

On the heels of what Mora stated yesterday, “I am going to evaluate this organization up and down, and if I feel like I’ve got to make changes, I’m going to make changes. If that means firing people, I’m going to fire people. So everyone has been put on notice that the scrutiny is going to go up.” I read an interesting article written by Eric Williams at the Tacoma News Tribune here. I started to wonder today, could Branch be on his way out sooner rather than later? Branch’s comments Sunday were caught on camera after his touch down celebration saying, “Y’all come find me. Anybody want me, come find me.” It seems Branch does not like being the number three wide receiver. Coach Mora was asked about it and he said, “It sounds like a challenge to me. It sounds like he’s competing and challenging people to come cover him, that’s what it sounds like to me – especially if it was after a touchdown.” Really Coach Mora? Are you kidding me? Listen to what he said again, “Y’all come find me. Anybody want me, come find me.” That comment doesn’t sound like he was talking to Dallas or the Referees. Sounds like he was asking for a trade or asking Seattle to cut him so he can restart his stunning career. Maybe Brady will want him back next year?

It seems that Branch, in one shape or form, is on his way out with his high salary and less than productive years with the Hawks. I don’t really think he will be gone this season but expect him to be gone this off season. If he isn’t……………….