Injury Situation Improving

It seems likely that the Seahawks will be a more talented team when they step on the field on Sunday. Back will be Marcus Trufant, Leroy Hill and, quite possibly, left guard Rob Sims. Lofa Tatupu may or may not be back this year, same as Walter Jones, but at this point I think everyone will agree that the key to regaining our team is a healthy, talented left tackle.

Is it Damion McIntosh?

Well, it’s hard to say. Hopefully, that is not the long term solution, but McIntosh brings us some hope. Let’s put it this way: He’s no Kyle Williams. Over the past two years, McIntosh has 31 starts and gave up 14.5 sacks. Not exactly Walter Jones, but it’s not Kyle Williams or Brandon Frye either. McIntosh is a

seasoned veteran and has seen just about every blitz and spin move and stunt and bull rush that can be thrown his way. He’s a big body and a decent blocker.

Last year, the Chiefs were tied for second best in the league in yards per carry with 4.8 yards. That sounds pretty good, no? Well, the prior year they were dead last in the league with 3.3. I don’t know anything about the Chiefs rushing tendencies, so I can’t say what role McIntosh had in either situation, but hey, at least now you have a tidbit for that Halloween party your wife is dragging you off to on Friday.

More likely, Sean Locklear will be the closest thing we get to a savior this year. Last year, in 11 starts (including starts at RT, RG and I believe LT but I may be wrong there), Locklear gave up 6.5 sacks. He has looked good so far this year, but we need him back ASAP. Getting Sims back is huge though, as we will suddenly go back to basically having four starters on our line: Sims – Spencer – Unger – Willis.

The best thing though is that the Seahawks are getting healthier. Maybe it won’t mean much in 2009, but maybe it will. This season isn’t done yet, and if we can pull off a huge upset next week against Dallas, we’re right back in it, potentially hopping up to 4-4 with the Lions at home before a brutal road streak.

Yes! We! Can!