Hopelessly Optimistic (Guest Post)

The Sunday night and Monday night games were very reassuring to me as a Seahawk fan.  Sunday night first; what did it tell us?  Arizona has a good defense.  They held a good offense in check.  Even more, the strength of the Arizona defense plays to our current weakness.  They are a blitzing, gambling defense.  We have a decimated offensive line.

What hope do we have the next time we meet them?  It probably won’t be Walter Jones riding in on a white horse to save the day (though that would be nice).  Hasselbeck hinted at it when he said “(we need to be automatic, we need to do a little but do that very well)” (paraphrased).  That brings us to where Monday night’s game gives us hope.  Not that Washington was successful; but they could have been.  Washington and Jason Campbell had the right idea.  Drop back and throw the darn ball; almost immediately. You still need receivers that can catch and centers that can snap; but I think Seattle has that (usually).

Seattle’s defense has played well in all but the Colts game.  They are getting Hill and Trufant back.  Matt can throw.  Now all he needs is to be able to throw very quickly when the opposition sends the house.  I can still smell 12 – 4.