Hawk-Heavy Sando Mailbag

by: Mike Parker

Mike Sando just posted his latest mailbag on his NFC West Blog, and it’s chock-full of good questions a lot of you are also probably wondering about yourselves:

Dan from Olympia, Wash., writes: First, love the blog. Quick Seahawks draft question. With the amount of needs on the Seahawks team and looking at the depth in certain positions in this draft, would Seattle be better off trading down and getting an extra pick or two in the process? After all, the Seahawks have been able to find quality players in the late-first and second round.

Mike Sando: How many teams will be rushing into one of those top five spots? We’ve seen fewer teams looking to move up that high. The current economic climate might dissuade some teams from wanting to make that type of commitment. Also, the Seahawks need a high-impact player. They do not need another Lawrence Jackson or Darryl Tapp or Kelly Jennings or Maurice Morris at this point. They need someone to beat the other team’s left tackle for a fumble-forcing sack on third-and-7 of a tie game.

That’s today’s required reading until the start of Wild Card Saturday, when we get to see the Falcons put the Cardinals out of their misery. Anyone want to venture a guess for the final score? I’m going with Falcons 38, Cardinals 31. -END-