Has The Team Quit On Mora?

A simple question. Do you Addicts think the Seahawks are sending Paul Allen a message about their head coach that couldn’t be said in any other way? Despite rumors that Mora will be given a second year, the team is making a statement every week on the field that seems to be saying they won’t play for Mora.

Are the Seahawks really a bad team or are they just through with the current coaching staff and using the only real messaging system they can to get their point across? Ruskell asked the team to beat San Francisco for him when he retired and the team responded. Since then, they seem to only be playing out the season. Not much of an endorsement of Mora.

What do you Addicts think? Is the team giving their opinion of Mora with their uninspired play? Let’s go ahead and make this one an “R” rated one too.