Happy New Year

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all, just wanted to give you all a Happy New Year!! message and send out a few links. I’ll be packing up the rest of my crap today in preparation for Mrs. Addict and I to move early next week.
Anyway, here are a few links of interest for your morning read–hopefully they’ll help you with that headache most of you are feeling after a night of revelry!
Eric Williams has your Outback Bowl draft watching guide. Remember to watch the Capital One Bowl (Georgia v. Michigan State), Orange Bowl (Cincinatti v. Virginia Tech), and of course the Rose Bowl (USC vs. Penn State). There could be Hawk draft prospects in all of those games–Ruskell loves the ACC, SEC and Pac 10 (in that order).
Danny O’Neil strikes again with a breakdown of the Hawks’ recent strength of schedules and how they have actually turned out. He also has a charming spelling of the Lions in there . . .
Is Favre the prima donna of the NFL? Jets MVP Thomas Jones is calling him out, and the report yesterday was that Cowher wasn’t interested in the Jets HC job in part because he wouldn’t deal with Favre.
Bernie Miklasz is silly.