GM Search down to 10 Candidates?

Michael Lombardi of the sometimes reliable National Football Post is reporting that the Hawks’ search firm has narrowed the list of potential GM candidates down to 10 names.The most notable absence, if Lombardi can be trusted which is always a 50/50 proposition, is Mike Holmgren. Lombardi:

Why no Holmgren in Seattle? On the surface, it’s a very interesting question, but deep down, the Seahawks worried about Holmgren’s ability as a general manager, which initially prompted their hiring of Bob Ferguson and then Tim Ruskell. Clearly, the Seahawks love Holmgren’s talents as a coach, but they don’t hold the same appreciation for his ability to run an organization

Reportedly, interim GM Ruston Webster interviewed for the full time spot yesterday. So, who else are the Seahawks looking for? Kyle Rota over at the Seahawks Draft Blog has a great write-up that’s worth checking out, where he breaks down six of the other potential candidates. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Randy Mueller in discussions either or, as I’ve mentioned before, Will Lewis, from the Seahawks scouting department.