GM Candidates Down to 4

Jason LaCanfora has a piece over at his NFL blog saying that the Seahawks have narrowed down the GM search to four final candidates. Those guys are Baltimore Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta, Philadelphia Eagles GM Tom Heckert (who is in Cleveland today interviewing with Mike Holmgren), Arizona Cardinals director of player personnel Steve Keim and Green Bay Packers director of football operations John Schneider.

One common thread? They are all on playoff teams and, in recent years, balanced teams. The Cardinals are the only team that is heavily slanted one offense, and that changed quite a bit in 2009. Of these guys, I would say that DeCosta and Heckert are my favorites, with Schneider being the guy I know the least about, and Steve Keim being my least favorite simply because he is already being quietly hyped as the next NFL genius. Prior to his last couple of drafts, Keim’s record was spotty and he will forever wear the badge of passing on Adrian Peterson for Levi Brown (though I think that was much more about others than Keim).