Game Thread – Seahawks vs. Lions

  • Josh Wilson with a Pick Six!!! 61 yards for the WIN.
  • Who would’ve expected this game to be nerve-wracking?
  • Marcus Trufant puts the game on ice? Not quite, but a nice play on the ball on an underthrown pass. The Lions are being intimidated by Johnson’s whining, same as the Hawks are being intimidated by Houshmandzadeh’s whining.
  • Hasselbeck tops his own franchise record for most completions in a game with 37. (Via Danny O’Neil)
  • 25-20 as Hanson nails a 50-yarder after a big run by Kevin Smith.
  • Hawks up 25-17, still a one-score game. Defense has been very good since the start of the second quarter though. Have to be disappointed with the Hawks red zone performance though.
  • Psst… Hawthorne is our best player. Pass it on.
  • TOUCHDOWN HOUSH! Followed by a goofy-as-hell fumbled snap, Jon Ryan to Steve Vallos pass. Woops.
  • Razzle dazzle is Greg Knapp’s middle name. End around to Wallace to Houshmandzadeh.
  • 18 yard return by Nate Burleson, probably more PR yards than we’ve had all year.
  • Curry walked off the field under his own power. That’s good.
  • Aaron Curry is injured.  Wuh oh.
  • Patrick Kerney leads the team in sacks. Wait, Patrick Kerney is still a Seahawk?
  • Assuming that Mora himself retains his employment, I can’t imagine his coaching staff does. Knapp and DeHaven have both failed.
  • Mare hits his third field goal, Hawks still trail 16-17. Too bad there isn’t some one calling plays who can get it into the endzone…
  • Wow! Great run and blocking by the Hawks. Every block worked as needed, but Housh couldn’t quite get the last block on Delmas. Carlson looked nice downfield blocking.
  • Bradley throws a very bizarre look out there, with four DEs (Kerney, Redding, LoJack, Tapp) on the line. It works, but really, it didn’t, they just dropped it. We’ll take it.
  • A great return by Louis Rankin goes to waste. The Hawks are TERRIBLE at capitalizing on good field position, have been all year.
  • Halftime – 17 – 13.

  • Jim Mora doesn’t seem to understand what Momentum is. Great drive by the Seahawks, though. 17-13 and the Hawks must kick off again.
  • Hasselbeck has not had a pass hit the ground yet, except on that pass interference related drop.
  • The HEATER with an interception. Is he the best player on this team?
  • Roy Lewis and Lance Laury team up for a 15-yard penalty. Ridiculous. The Lions start on the Seattle 47.
  • Brian McIntyre notes: that was the Seahawks first rushing touchdown since week one.
  • 7-17, Lions lead. The Hawks accidentally put together a nice drive, starring Justin Forsett and Julius Jones. Touchdown Jones!
  • 0-17, Lions lead. The Seattle Seahawks are headed full speed for a rebuild.
  • Whoa. What the hell is wrong with this team? Why would you go for it on 4th and 1? You get it, the drive continues and that’s just that. You don’t get it, the team that’s beating you by 14 has the ball on the 38 and all the momentum. STUPID. Mora is not good at being desperate.
  • Two offensive plays, two offensive turnovers. The line to the therapist’s office starts to the right, single file please.
  • Louis Rankin and Justin Forsett let the kickoff drop — on the 10 yard line — between the two of them. What the hell is wrong with this team? I know Mora will stick around, but is any other single coach safe?
  • 0-7, Lions lead after an easy 6 yard TD pass to Pettigrew. It’s still incredibly early, but how bad are these Seahawks? Potentially very, very, very bad. We should still blow these guys out, but, y’know, football isn’t exactly this team’s forte, so who knows.
  • THIS is why T.J. Houshmandzadeh needs to keep his effing mouth shut. Hasselbeck tried to force it in to him and there is an EASY interception by Rookie Louis Delmas. Shameful and embarassing. Hawks might’ve just forced a fumble though — nope, false start. Thanks a lot, 12th man :( (just kidding).
  • Wow, what a terrible first defensive drive for the Seahawks, especially on third down. Curry is flying all over the place, but doing as much harm (missed tackles) as good (pressure). Trying to prove he should’ve been the first overall pick? He’ll get calm.

Hopefully the Seahawks are going to be crushing the Lions any minute now. Follow us on Twitter for constant updates. Comment away for this touchdown party. I’m taking projections on offense, here are mine:

Nate Burleson – 7 receptions for 101 yards and 1 TD
T.J. Houshmandzadeh – 8 receptions for 122 yards and 2 TDs
John Carlson – 4 receptions for 59 yards
Julius Jones – 17 carries for 107 yards, 1 TD
Louis Rankin – 6 carries for 81 yards, 1 TD
Justin Forsett – 12 carries for 60 yards

I don’t know why I’m projecting these, but hey, might as well be optimistic — it could be our last chance!