Game Thread – Seahawks vs. Cardinals – The Rematch

4:40 – Annnnnd… scene. What was that shuffle pass?

4:30 – Josh Wilson has played a hell of a game today, and that was a big deflection. Pass it again, Whisenhunt, I dare you.

4:28 – The Seahawks season is pretty much over after that interception. Can’t expect Matt to do all the lifting, especially when he was off today.

4:18 – The Seahawks have been flat out out-coached yet again. Did we make a single adjustment at the half? The Cardinals certainly did.

4:16 – Two touchdown game with 5:51 left. Is a punt really worth doing with the season on the line? I’d like to say this is a fake.

4:15 – 3rd and 10, game on the line, season on the line.

4:13 – So much for a decent return. This game is on Matt. I like how they refer to Fitzgerald pushing off as “a little nudge” but anyone else would be pushing off.

4:11 – There is a lot of time, but the Hawks haven’t done much this half and have done nothing on defense. Need a spark on special teams, but that will require a kick that is returnable, which have been very rare today.

4:10 – Ken Lucas again proves his worth.

4:09 – That was a hold on Fitzgerald, by the way, on the long Wells run. Lucky for him, the officials don’t call the superstars on penalties.

4:05 – In case you didn’t know, this game is kind of important. How did Hasselbeck miss Burleson by so much there?

3:58 – Did officials make a big mistake?

3:49 – Disappointing end to a great drive, but we’ll take the points and the lead any day. Sorry, but why does no one ever go to the edge on the goal line?

3:43 – Through three quarters — Forsett – 13 for 103 (7.9 avg), Rankin 2 for 14 (7 avg). This is the 4th ranked rush defense in the league.

3:40 – Great drive on the ground here by the Hawks, both Forsett and Rankin are looking good.

3:34 – Phew. Great hit by Milloy, my new favorite lawyer.

3:31 – 7 DBs on the field for Seattle, rushing 3 and sticking Hawthorne in the middle. Ain’t gonna see that every day.

3:28 – Greg Knapp finds something that works and does it until it doesn’t work. And then keeps doing it. Then a few more times, just in case… and maybe he’ll change it up. Maybe.

3:24 – Burleson hasn’t touched the ball yet. Look for him to get involved in the screen game.

3:21 – Hawks broke. Touchdown Wells on 4th and 1. Seahawks must come back and score here, can’t let the momentum slide over to the Cardinals.

3:18 – The Hawks are bend-but-don’t-break-ing it right now.

3:11 – Warner has not been hit behind the line.

3:03 – A good first half! Go Hawks! Bring it in the second half, dang it! The season is on the LINE!

2:46 – Olindo Mah–ray nails it to put the Hawks ahead 17-7. Justin Forsett is playing very well.

2:40 – Another healthy drive by the Seahawks. With the running game working fairly well, the Cards are forced to stay honest with their pressure. Nice!

2:36 – Justin Forsett is really playing to prove himself, which is exactly how he needs to play in order to prove himself.

2:32 – 14 – 7, Breaston just absolutely destroyed Trufant on one little move. Any doubt that Wilson is the top cornerback on this team right now?

2:30 – Wilson jogged off looks like he’ll be fine.

2:27 – Josh Wilson down after a hard hit to the head by Beanie Wells’ knee.

2:22 – Beautiful playaction pass and a great play call. Is this what Greg Knapp is capable of when he’s not locked into run run run?

2:20 – Deon Butler is finally getting involved in this game, and thank goodness for it. The screens and short passes are great, and will allow the long passes to finally work later in the game or season.

2:19 – Great defensive effort thus far, they are really attacking the ball. Burleson’s return was very nice too.

2:13 – Darnell Dockett continues to prove his worth as a human. Which is, not much. Elbowed Hasselbeck in the throat after the play was done and they were on the ground.

2:04 – Interesting looks in the secondary today. A lot of 3 safeties out there (Milloy being the third) and Jennings appears to be the nickelback rather than Lucas.

2:01 – End of the First Quarter. Great effort by the defense thus far, and Houshmandzadeh really showed up today it would appear. The goal line stop was huge!

1:57 – A high tempo drive by the Seahawks, capped with a beautiful run by Justin Forsett. 99 yard drive after a stop on the 6 inch line.

1:54 – From the 1, 68 yard play. HUGE!!!  Great play by Housh, and way to extend the play and get that facemask!

1:51 – Exciting bit of football so far, Hawks STUFF Hightower on the 6 inch line!!!

1:41 – A couple of 3-and-outs, but most important out is the one we are: which is, not out. of it. Okay, that was lame, but hey, 0-0 ain’t half bad compared to the last few games…

1:32 – Jones has a chest injury and is questionable to return. Also, Brandon Mebane just demolished Beanie “Bernie” Wells.

1:31 – Julius Jones was apparently taken to the locker room. Louis Rankin would be our #1, Justin Forsett stays as third down back.

1:30 – Fun fact.

1:27 – 3 and out… on the road… Is it just a coincidence that 2012 — a movie about the apocalypse — came out the same weekend our defense got a 3-and-out to start a road game?

1:24 – Seahawks hold the ball for 3:33 already in the first quarter. That’s 5x longer than the last meeting’s first quarter.

1:21 – Chris Spencer is snapping with his wrong hand (left) due to a broken right thumb. Deep breath for shotgun snaps…

Lets go Seahawks! As always — tweets a plenty and of course the game thread (that’s this).