Game Thread – Seahawks vs. Buccaneers

3:52 – Gah, what a worthless friggin game. I’ll throw up the R-Rated post now.

3:42 – Bucs 24 – Seahawks 7. Any chance Mora gets fired tomorrow morning? This entire coaching staff is a joke and it starts at the man who assembled it.

3:39 – This has got to be one of the worst Seahawks games I’ve ever seen.

3:35 – Deon Butler with a bad drop. Sad to see. Housh shows him how its done on the next play with a more dramatic drop. Seahawk! Football!

3:31 – Before that pass to JC, the Hawks had -1 yards offense in 2nd half.

3:26 – Despicable. Trailing 21-7 to the worst team in football. I mean, outside of Seattle.

3:22 – Kevin Houser is hurting on the sidelines. The curse of the long snapper continues, and Owen Schmitt is the backup. Fun fact: Will Herring and Kelly Jennings have also been practicing on the sideline.

3:20 – Psst! The Seahawks are worse than you thought. Also, Bruce DeHaven should’ve been fired two years ago.

3:13 – Tampa Bay 13 – Seahawks 7. That’s 13 unanswered for the worst team in the league. I think I need some Pepto.

3:12 – Sounded like Boo Birds for Hasselbeck. Never deserved, but wow, what an awful game for Matt.

3:08 – Aaron Curry’s return is probable with a shoulder injury.

3:06 – So, Mora said he was happy with the Hawks first half? Hmm

3:01 – Dirtbaggery is afoot! Hard hitting non-sack by Redding on the false start penalty. Bwaha! Things is gettin CHIPPAY!

2:58 – Will Herring is in for Curry and playing at weakside backer, Hill moves over to strong side backer.

2:57 – Curry was holding his left arm or shoulder. Unrelated in other words to his hip injury last week.

2:55 – Aaron Curry is hurting again, getting looked at by med staff. Will update if anything comes forward.

2:51 – Second half just about to get under way. If this doesn’t quickly turn into a blood bath, I just won’t know what to say.

2:37 – Julius Jones is probable to return with a rib injury. Half time!

2:36 – 7-3 Seahawks maintain a lead. Thank goodness Josh Freeman is atrocious in the red zone.

2:31 – Bucs take an interception off a very poor screen pass. Bucs in the Red Zone.

2:18 – TOUCHDOWN Carlson!!! 7-0 Seahawks.

2:17 – Okay, I’m sounding like a whiny d-bag today, apologies, but really, this game is very bad. This should be a BLOW OUT, and with every similar performance, Mora’s job security is decreased.

2:13 – Is this game still on? Bleh. The good news though is that the interior O-Line is looking good, including newbie Mike Gibson. Butler is in a lot, just got “pwned,” but got the hands to the face penalty which is nice.

1:58 – I wasn’t alive yet, but I still am reminded of the 1976 Futility Bowl right now.

1:55 – First quarter wrap-up:              . That’ll just about do it.

1:51 – Sorry guys, lost connectivity for a second. Not that anyone noticed because, uh, this game sucks so far. F’real? It’s the BUCS dudes.

1:34 – Imagine how good Deion Branch would be if he weren’t 4’5″. But, alas, he is and it shows, especially in Knapp’s “ignore strengths and weaknesses” offense.

1:32 – I guess the one thing to take out of this game is that we’re not trailing 17-0 like we were the last time we played a team this bad. So, A-? The Defense actually looks pretty good right now.

1:28 – I don’t know what to say. Be right back, gotta figure out a way to blame Greg Knapp for that absolutely ridiculous decision by Matt Hasselbeck. Really, Matt? Really?

1:26 – J-Force looking good! Can he top Harrison’s 286 yards and 3 TDs from the morning games?

1:22 – What kind of 3-and-out will Knapp respond with? Run, run, pass? Screen, run, pass? So excited to find out!

1:21 – Whoa, Deon Grant accidentally intercepted a pass. Sweet!

1:20 – Really, an unnecessary roughness penalty on a long snapper? Don’t those guys kinda just get to do whatever they want? They deserve to — snap the ball and get destroyed 10 times a game. Ow.

1:17 – 3 and Out to start the game against the Bucs. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Seattle Seahawks!!

The Hawks are playing the Bucs anyyy second now. You know the drill.