Game Thread – Seahawks @ Rams

Game time! The Hawks have to win a 10 am game / road game / division game. Luckily, none of the Rams “fans” showed up, with about 1/4 of the seats filled. Go Hawks! You know the drill – twitter partay.

12:44 – The Seahawks look like a playoff team. Y’know, as long as they’re playing the Rams.

12:37 – Justin Forsett and the O-Line are having very nice games.

12:20 – Can we just go ahead and stop pretending that Julius Jones is the best back on this team? Admittedly, we’re playing the RAMS but still. Imagine Forsett and CJ Spiller in our backfield next year… now wipe up the drool.

12:16 – Hawks go for it on 4th down anddd… it’s a fake! It’s a fake! We’ll probably kick it after the fourth quarter starts.

12:04 – Nice drive by the Hawks. Not nice enough, but hey, it’s a start.

11:54 – So, can we start calling him “Easy Play Babs”? I’m happy with the interception there, but this team looks terrible. Also, the tripping penalty is one of the worst calls I’ve seen in a long time, which is, y’know, saying a lot for the NFL.

11:26 – 14-10 at the half. Redzone!!! Channel 410 for standard def, 637 in HD  (on Comcast).

11:16 – Josh Wilson has two interceptions and both have gone for six. NICE! That’s a great play by Jennings, and Wilson had a pretty return. Take that MVP Jackson.

11:13 – The Rams are doing the best to dispel the myths circulating the internets that the Seahawks are something other than a bad team. No discipline, no execution, no one stepping up. We should still win this game, but if we don’t, are you really surprised?

11:07 – Psst… Trufant is not having a good year.

11:00 – Why are these clownboats so in love with Stephen Jackson? Remember when we used to actually fear him? He is injury prone and has never averaged 5.0 ypc and has only hit 10 TDs once. He’s good, he’s not great. So shut up.

10:57 – Hawks defense looking like we expect them to look on the road at 10 am. That is not a compliment. Babs is having a good game, though.

10:44 – Rams score off Rankin’s fumble. Tied 7-7 at the top of the second quarter. Woops!

10:37 – Josh Wilson appears to be our #1 CB right now. He’s matching up exclusively with Donnie Avery. Trufant is still not himself.

10:32 – Louis Rankin is having a tough game. Dropped a screen pass, pissed off his QB (even though he was saving his butt), and loses a fumble. Young Nastyman to the front of the line, please.

10:25 – A 3 and out by the defense helped along by a great play by Josh Wilson to knock the ball out of Avery’s grasps and then a beastly sack by Babs. Both lines are blocking well today.

10:19 – The Hawks looked great running on that drive, and not just Forsett. The blocking was phenomenal. Still, we are just playing the Rams. 7-0 Hawks.

10:15 – Justin Forsett has about seven times more yards than the Hawks had last week.

10:13 – J-Force One just flew through that hole. Nice cutback, and great blocking for once. Also, Hasselbeck is terrible throwing on the run haha.

10:12 – The Hawks dodge a bullet as Josh Brown just stunk up the joint. In week one, the game turned on a failed fourth down conversion, this might trigger it.

10:09 – Man, Josh Wilson just got totally clowned by Donnie Avery.

10:07 – Two offensive plays, two offensive first downs for the Rams. I hope you’re watching how fast Mebane is though. He is not the reason he’s not having a great year, it’s the rest of the line. Mebane is just as, if not more, disruptive as he was last year.

10:04 – With all due respect, what the hell was that? Not only the 3 and out against the Rams, but that weird shovel pass to Forsett.

10:03 – Hawks receive. Rankin takes it and goes fast, the Hawks wear their “Eagles” uniforms again (as my wife refers to it).