Game Observation: It was Cold

Well, that wasn’t exactly a “good” game, in the strict sense of the term. Both teams looked pretty inept at times, but at least they were pretty equal in their ineptness. The big thing to take out of it is that the Seahawks pulled out a win when they very easily could have lost that game many times over. The offense couldn’t get anything going, and the defense was sluggish at times, but they generally kept Frank Gore under wraps.

Here are my highlights:

  1. Jamar Adams’ major, major hit on a punt return. I can’t describe how completely out-of-nowhere Adams came, but it was almost like he sprinted off the 49ers bench just to make the tackle. I rewatched it when I got home and I still don’t know where he came from. Best hit of the game.
  2. Deon Butler’s beautiful catch to basically clinch the game. It was a nice throw and a perfect catch. Butler had single coverage and there was no safety on that side of the field. The 49ers were just daring Hasselbeck to hit Butler and he did with his best pass of the night. Worth noting: Deon Butler was in on the first snap of the game and it appeared that no one knew how to match up with the surprise starter, hence that first timeout. It was all downhill for Knapp from then, though.
  3. The turnovers. Josh Wilson’s fumble return was awesome, but the fumbled punt return-reverse recovered by Nick Reed.
  4. The Steelers losing to the Raiders.
  5. The Seahawks winning a fifth game for the first time since 2007. Ain’t much, but it feels good anyway. On that note… Seahawks win! R-Rated Post GO!