Friendly Reminder

The NFL, in its never ending quest to make Seahawks fans suffer, forced the world to set their clocks back a full hour this morning. As a result the “10 am” game will actually be played at your body clock’s 11 am. An extra hour to wait? CRUELTY!

Also, today is the wife’s and my anniversary, so after the game things might get a bit quiet. Y’know, husbandly duties. Once you see the R-rated post, that’ll probably be it from me for the day.


Friendly Reminder

I just want to say thank you to the readers.
What ever you did yesterday, keep doing it.

The site revenue jumped from about $3/day all the way up to $18 yesterday. It is all related to what is called the click through rate. If you each click on the adds that are tied into the posts once or twice a day, the site would flourish. Currently that happens about .2% of the time.

Also, if you are ever buying Seahawk gear (fans edge @ the bottom), tickets (stub hub), booking travel( travelocity), or even obnoxiously decorating (fathead), the site benefits if you use the adds on the page to enter those sites before buying. They are what are known as affiliates.

So to review. If you see the text adds click, if you need cool stuff, use the affiliates. Maybe I shouldn’t have been complaining about the Nelly/Ludicris adds after all, they must have been the difference! Thanks again for all your support.

As you can see, I do this because I love it, and you all seem to dig it, certainly not for the money