First Half: Tie Score, Strange Decisions

The Seahawks looked shaky coming out of the gates for roughly the 27th week in a row, rife with quarterback miscues and inexcusably bad playcalling. (Note to Greg Knapp: Draw plays when backed into your own end zone are usually a bad idea.)

But after allowing a Vernon Davis TD pass, the Hawks quickly bounced back thanks to a muffed punt return by WR Arnaz Battle. Nick Reed once again saved the day on special teams and recovered the fumble, which set up the following Hasselbeck-to-Branch TD connection. (And for the second time this season, Nick Reed is why I went from yelling at my TV in agony to jumping for joy in the span of 3 seconds.)

It’s been a veritable game of back-and-forth ever since, but the Seahawks’ defense can’t allow Alex Smith to look this good. They were bringing pressure in the first quarter, but haven’t matched that effort so far in the second. On the other hand, Justin Forsett continued his hot streak by running in an 8-yard screen pass for a touchdown. Forsett is clearly outplaying Julius Jones, and for some reason Jones is still getting more carries. Explain this?

And why is Aaron Curry sitting out on third downs now? This is one of the many coaching decisions on this team that I just don’t understand. If he’s winded, well, I’m sure the rest of the defense can attest to feeling the same way.

Mike Singletary inexplicably burned all of the 49ers’ timeouts in the first quarter. This game has been very oddly-coached so far, to say the least.