Chew on this…

Just a few tidbits I got out of today’s game:

  • The Seahawks only handed off 9 times versus 29 pass plays. That continues the 25%/75% trend we’ve been seeing from Knapp. We were playing from behind all game, but uh, we weren’t going to win so going away from the run entirely made no sense.
  • Sean Locklear is not, and never has been, the left tackle of the future. The fact that Ruskell sincerely believed he was indicates that Ruskell has no idea what he’s doing with the offensive line, at least, not with the tackle spot. Locklear was absolutely manhandled by Jared Allen today, which we expected, but it was almost comical. Did Kyle Williams sneak back onto the team?
  • David Hawthorne is one of the best tacklers in the league right now, racking up another 15 today. As much as we love him, I think it’s hard to argue that his best value to a GM may well be in the form of a draft pick via a trade. If, however, our GM in 2010 is neither Ruskell nor Holmgren, the traded player could possibly be Tatupu.
  • The Seahawks set a record for team rushing futility with 4 total yards. That was strongly influenced by the absolutely idiotic Senecat call on 3rd and 2, a QB sweep to Jared Allen’s side? Really? He ended up sprinting out of bounds for a 9 yard loss rather than throwing it away. If that sounds familiar, it’s because “super athlete extraordinaire” Seneca Wallace has done that like ten times this year. To be fair, he does run out of bounds very fast!
  • Justin Forsett got 8 carries. Louis Rankin got 0. That’s idiotic in and of itself, but add to the fact that the Vikings appeared concerned about Rankin, routinely kicking off to Obamanu rather than Rankin (or squibbing), and you just have to wonder what they were thinking.
  • Our coaching is just atrocious, top to bottom. I don’t really care what anyone says about potential, or new systems, or whatever. Knapp has already given up on his system, Bradley doesn’t seem to have one. I like Bradley, I’m willing to give him another shot, but he’s clearly in way over his head in his first NFL position above linebackers coach…
  • The Jim Mora Experiment is failing. If Mora can’t right this ship or at least show promise at the end of this season, there is actually some chance that he will lose his job and Ruskell will have no chance of sticking around. Mora put his life on hold to coach in Seattle, but hasn’t broken his bad habits and does not appear concerned with his terrible offensive play caller.
Or, to sum it up more succinctly: We suck. Let’s keep this sucker R-Rated too.