Breaking: Ruskell to Resign

I bit my tongue after an unsolicited tip from a reader, had it backed by someone else, but now Chris Egan is reporting that the Seahawks will hold a major news conference at 10 am tomorrow morning, where Tim Ruskell is expected to resign.

I think we sort of saw this coming. I had a feeling that the Pro Football Weekly story this week had been tipped by none other than Ruskell himself. Either way, this opens the way for some sort of Holmgren return. Part of me wonders if the Walrus used the Browns interview for leverage to pay back Ruskell who pushed the legend out of town. Either way, Ruskell’s resignation appears to be upon us. Celebrate as you see fit.

While we’re at it though, John Morgan has a stupendous post from yesterday that is worthy of a read, covering Ruskell and the Hutchinson decision.