Breaking — Rod Marinelli in Seattle

by: Chris Sullivan

According to Q-13 Fox, Rod Marinelli is in Seattle today speaking with the Seahawks, most likley for the Defensive Coordinator position. This is not a huge surprise, as he is one of the named we’ve bandied about, but to see him in town prior to any OC options probably means that either a) the OC is decided (Knapp), or b) the interview process is just getting started for all open positions.
Either way, I think Marinelli is promising, despite his recent history in Detroit. You’ve got to remember when looking at guys from Detroit and Oakland (among others) that sometimes their wins and losses are not fully representative of their skills. D-town and O-skeeze are both plagued with loserdom. I think Marinelli could be one of the more inspired people in the league in 2009 to save his name.
Plus, hey, could it get any worse than John Marshall?