Bold Prediction Contest – Tennessee At Seattle

Pay attention. There are four bonus questions worth 10 total points which doubles the possible points on the last weekend to 20. Almost anyone still in the contest could win if they got all the points possible and the leaders got blanked. Everyone listed in the results article from last Monday, (Seattle At Green Bay), can still play this last weekend.

Welcome to the fifteenth and last week of the “Bold Prediction” contest at Seahawk Addicts with Tennessee playing at Seattle. The contestant ahead at the end of this week (Monday) will receive a Seahawk’s jersey as the contest winner.

Please follow these directions. The format of the answer is in parenthesis (Bold Print) after the dash for each prediction. All entries or changes must be input by midnight Saturday night PST according to the blog stamped date on your comment.

The entries are (in this order):

Team Sacks – (number)
Rushing Yards – (number)
Passing Yards – (number)
Most Tackles – (last name)
Most Receptions – (last name)
QB rating – (one decimal place – decimal not required)
Most Sacks – (last name)
Takeaway/Giveaway – (number with + or – sign or 0)
Sacks Allowed – (number)
Defensive Yards Allowed – (number)
Bonus 1 (worth 2 points): Total Number Of Seattle Interceptions – (number)
Bonus 2 (worth 2 points): Tennessee number of false starts – (number)
Bonus 3 (worth 3 points): Total Number Of Seattle Receptions – (number)
Bonus 4 (worth 3 points): Seattle Time Of Possession (mm:ss) mm = minutes, ss = seconds

List your answers in the same order on 14 consecutive lines. Please follow the format for each prediction and don’t embellish your answers or add anything.

Here’s what it should look like:


My predictions for the game.

Team Sacks – 2
Rushing Yards – 104
Passing Yards – 266
Most Tackles – Hawthorne
Most Receptions – Forsett
QB rating – 54.2
Most Sacks – Jackson
Takeaway/Giveaway – +1
Sacks Allowed – 3
Defensive Yards Allowed – 344
Seattle Interceptions – 1
Tennessee False Starts – 2
Seattle Receptions – 21
Seattle Time Of Possession – 27:56

Monday, we’ll post everyone’s points and the winner will be declared. Good luck!