Bold Prediction Contest – Seattle At Indianapolis

Welcome to the third week of the “Bold Prediction” contest at Seahawk Addicts with Seattle playing at Indianapolis. To play please follow the directions that follow. Results will be tallied and posted by Seahawk Addicts userid so don’t change your userid from week to week so we know who you are and to insure your results get tallied to the same person. The winner at the end of the season will receive a Seahawk’s jersey.

It is important that you follow the proceedures in place in which to enter your predictions. Failure to follow the directions explicitly will result in your entry being disqualified for this week.There were some contestants who didn’t follow the new directions last week and didn’t receive any points. I will post the userids who are disqualified plus any errors I happen to find while inputting the data in Saturday’s error report each week. If you just have an invalid entry for a particular prediction like the giveaway/takeaway quotient, just that prediction will be disqualified and need to be fixed.

If I happen to notice any problems with your entry as I input the data, I’ll list it on Saturday’s error report and you can make changes. Any errors I find are not the result of searching for errors but are incidental as I input the data. Those I notice, will be listed. You are ultimately responsible for entering the data correctly as well as the accuracy of your entries.

All entries, changes, or corrections must be input by midnight Saturday night. As long as your comment was generated on Friday or Saturday, it will be accepted. Any comment listed as being made Sunday is disqualified.

The procedure.

Please follow these directions. The format for each entry is in parenthesis after the dash.

The entries are (in this order):

Team Sacks – (number)
Rushing Yards – (number)
Passing Yards – (number)
Most Tackles – (last name)
Most Receptions – (last name)
QB rating – (one decimal place – decimal not required)
Most Sacks – (last name)
Takeaway/Giveaway – (number with + or – sign or 0)
Sacks Allowed – (number)
Defensive Yards Allowed – (number)

List your answers in the same order on 10 consecutive lines. Please follow the format for each prediction and don’t embellish your answers or add anything.

Here’s what it should look like:


If you don’t get your answers in the right order and in the correct format, they won’t align correctly in the spreadsheet or be a valid entry for that prediction (like the takeaway/giveaway needing to be a positive or negative number with a +/- sign or zero for example). If I find your answers in any other format or if I happen to notice they are out of order, I will put you on the list of people with invalid entries that publishes on Saturdays and it will be up to you to correct them before kickoff on game day.

I’ll expect to find a set of predictions for you each week. You can miss a week or two but if a contestant misses more than two weeks in a row without a response, that person will be removed from the spreadsheet and will not be able to re-enter the contest. The deadline for starting play is bye week after the game against the Colts.

You can make up to two weeks of predictions ahead of time to allow for vacations and other circumstances that arise. On the Friday before you leave, make a comment that contains your regular predictions for that week and add the set(s) of predictions for the week(s) that you’ll be gone. Clearly label the sets by opponent for identification. I’ll input them for the current week and the week or two that follows.You can contact me through my e-mail address listed on the blog to make any other arrangements for special circumstances that may arise.

Here’s expanded definitions of the 10 predictions.

1) Number of team sacks. (How many sacks the Seahawks will get as a team).

2) Total rushing yards for the Seahawks.

3) Total passing yards for the Seahawks.

4) Who will get the most tackles for the Seahawks?

5) Who will get the most receptions for the Seahawks?

6) Starting quarterback’s rating. (One decimal place).

7) Who will have the most sacks for the Seahawks?

8) Takeaway/giveaway quotient for the day expressed as a plus or minus number or zero (+1, -2, 0, etc). For example, two recovered opponent fumbles counts +2, an interception counts +1, two lost fumble counts -2. For that example adding 2 + 1 – 2 gives a total of +1 to be entered. This entry should be a single number.

9) Total number of sacks given up by the Seahawks.

10) Total yards allowed by Seattle’s defense.

My predictions for the game.

Team Sacks – 3
Rushing Yards – 119
Passing Yards – 247
Most Tackles – Tatupu
Most Receptions – Housh
QB rating – 88.2
Most Sacks – Jackson
Takeaway/Giveaway – -1
Sacks Allowed – 2
Defensive Yards Allowed – 399

That’s it Addicts. Post your predictions and we’ll count up the results Monday and post everyone’s points and the leader board. Good luck!

Go Hawks and anilihate the Colts!