Bold Prediction Contest Results – Update

A couple of contestants pointed our correctly that there was a false start from Tennessee in the fourth quarter. I re-scored the contest which didn’t change the result which was that wagnerseth is the champion and winner of the Seahawk jersey.

I use to get most of my stats from and usually start scoring the contest as soon as the game ends working off the box score. Sometimes there is additional information added later in the day correcting or adding a statistic and consequently, something doesn’t get calculated right in the contest. Somethimes, I flat out miss something. I’m not perfect. I really appreciated those who checked their own entries each week and brought anything they didn’t understand or errors to my attention. A couple of times I did make an error and not give someone credit for a prediction they got right. On other occasions it was a misunderstanding of what statistics we were using (net yards instead of gross for example).

To find false starts, you have to go through the play by play where they list what each infraction was for and who it was against. In the box score, they only give you the number of penalties and the total penalty yardage. They use italics when detailing a play in which a penalty is committed so I look for italics to find the plays with penalties. In some instances, they miss using the italics so it can be hard to find those penalties. I missed one earlier this season because of that. I went through the play by play twice Sunday right after the game and didn’t notice the false start then. Either I just missed it or it got added later. I didn’t watch the game so I didn’t know from firsthand experience.

I apologize if I missed that one especially since it was a two pointer and important to those in contention for the lead. Fortunately, it didn’t change the winner of the contest but some of you scored more points.

As I said, I went back and re-scored the contest since several people got Tennessee’s single false start right and it was a 2 point prediction.

Here’s the final standings.

Contestant                                  Points 

wagnerseth 39
Pacificsands 38
BillT 36
kelphelper 35
ZakH 33
blazedonkey 31
Seatownfan12 30
TacomaHawk 30
Trademark 30
jmedic 28
Ocho 28
diehard82 27
Hawkdude 27
HawXLIV 27
12thmanDan 26
seahawkfankk 25
Hawks Fan 24
Tampa Hawk 24
sushiseattle 23
doubleb 22
Halkboy14 22
Jeit3 22
bobofoosh 20
Don Millard 20
Icehawk 17
Ian Barrett 13