An interesting history of the Cardinal-Steelers

by: Chris Sullivan

Here’s one I had not heard before, but Sando linked today…

In 1944, the Cardinals and the Steelers merged for one season due to their teams being depleted during World War II. They were no good at all, they actually pulled a Detr0it that season, but it was an interesting tale. Here’s an excerpt:

History called this merger the Card-Pitt combine. But this winless, luckless group of military rejects was commonly called a name that sounded like “carpets” because, in the published words of one disgruntled fan, every other team in the league “walked all over them.

Anyway, there’s not a ton to the story that wouldn’t just be copy-and-pasted, so read it for yourself if you’re interested. I myself found it quite intriguing and well worth the read.