02/01/2008 – The End of an Error

by: Chris Sullivan 

Well, however you feel about the results of the game, this much is true: The 2008-2009 NFL Football Season is over. That means that the 2008-2009 Seattle Seahawks football season is over. It was a catastrophe from start to finish (more or less), but I think in the end this year could be very good for our Boys in Blue. 
Seeing the Cardinals play well in the biggest game of all should give the Seahawks the extra motivation they need to play on the level that they should be playing at. No more wasted efforts, no more giving up, no more copping out, no more anything but playing hard and winning. No more. 
We now walk into the most exciting part of the season — at least, the most exciting if your team flippin’ stunk up the joint like ours did last year. We’ll be doing our best to cover Free Agency in the coming days and weeks, followed by the NFL Combine and ultimately the Draft. There is a lot to be excited by as we move from the end of the season to the beginning of a new one, and honestly, getting to this day has been my goal since mid-November. 
Feel free to make this an R-Rated post guys, but be civil. We’re all Seahawks fans, and we’re all Football fans. It doesn’t matter who you wanted to win or lose the Super Bowl, if you were for the Cards — most of you were — I feel for ya. If you were for the Steelers, I feel for ya — it’s not fun to root for the Evil Empire. But remember, the reason we’re here is that we are all SEAHAWK fans, and in 2009 we have a NEW team, a NEW coach, and NEW expectations for your Seattle Seahawks… Super Bowl XLIV or bust… we can call it “X-Live” if we wanna seem hip. 
GO SEAHAWKS! And thank you to every single one of your readers, you make this hobby a lot of fun and have made me personally a better and more informed fan. Michael Steffes founded this blog one year ago tomorrow, and I think we all thank him for that. FOOTBALL ROCKS!