Zorn not High on Seahawk’s Running Back Situation

Apparently, in talking to the media, now that he is head coach and all, Mr. Jim Zorn spoke about having Clinton Portis to work with. In doing so, he took some not so subtle jabs at Mr. Shaun Alexander. Here is the segment from ESPN (Mike Sando)’s Hashmarks…

Zorn seemed practically giddy to have a running back he could leave on the field and trust in pass protection. He noted, without mentioning Shaun Alexander by name, that Seattle had to scheme around its running back:

“To watch Clinton Portis and the strain for the extra yard, it can fire you right up. That is what a running back is made for in this game. Being smart. I think he has excellent vision and he seems to be disciplined moving in the hole. He is probably the idea of an every-down back. We did not do that in Seattle. We did not have that every-down back in Seattle. We had to piece and put and kind of makeshift situations with plays. Clinton Portis is the kind of guy that you can have in and pass protect, can have in and run the ball. We can be more elusive in what we want to do with him.” — Zorn, speaking during a Redskins.com interview

Nothing new here. Seahawk fans have known this for years. Fortunately for us, when Shaun was in his prime he scored about twice as often as Portis, and apparently he was only playing half the downs.