What is Going on With Josh Brown

John Clayton, while talking with Dick Fain on KJR, mentioned that he thinks Ruskell is making a mistake by dragging his feet on Josh Brown. The sticking point seems to be that Josh Brown wants to be the highest paid kicker in the league. 2.6 million per year would do that. Five years and 13 million seems pretty reasonable, even though it is almost double what Lawrence Tynes just got. I pose this to you…

Clayton used in support of the argument that kickers are getting better. That kickers league wide made 83% of field goals. Kicker are getting longer and more accurate every year. While Josh defintely has experience kicking in a tricky stadium with sometimes bizarre winds, ala the Wild Card game. Is he worth it. Could he be replaced by an undrafted or late round rookie. Even though it would add stress to this year, Holmgrens last, financially over the next 4 or 5 does it make sense? What is the true value of the kicker? Consider the Patriots situation with Vinatieri/Gostkowski…..

Hopefully we will have some sort of news by the end of the day, so until then, discuss…

UPDATE–(3:23pm) Here is the scoop on Josh Brown’s incident.

The Nebraska place-kicker was arrested for fighting with a man who had been out on a date with Brown’s ex-girlfriend. When the woman tried to get between Brown and the other man, Brown threw her to the ground before tackling the other man and punching him, police said. The two men continued fighting before the other man gained the advantage, pinning Brown to the ground shortly before police arrived.

You be the Judge…..