Week 3 (9/13) – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

We knew a rout was a distinct possibility for this one, and that's exactly what the Seahawks delivered.  The Jaguars' defense played decently enough, but clearly doesn't have enough working parts in place to stay competitive against a top-shelf team like Seattle.  On offense, Henne had a relatively okay game (well, as okay a game as most QBs ever have against the Hawks' secondary), and Shorts and Jones-Drew delivered enough punch to put some points on the board.  Jacksonville still weren't very good overall, but they didn't look nearly as bad as they could have — Bradley had his guys playing hard late into a game that was already a loss before the second half had even begun, and that bodes well for his chances of successfully rebuilding his team.

It was great to see Clemons back on the field (and even better to see him play well), and Wilson and Rice finally appear to be back on the same page.  Really, every aspect of the team performed well above par except for the offensive line, who weren't spectacular but did manage to perform better than they did last week against San Francisco.  Bottom line, this was a dominating performance against an opponent the Seahawks were expected to dominate — a truly great team never plays down to the level of their opponent, and today Carroll's guys looked every bit like the championship-caliber team everyone expects them to be this season.