Wahle Agrees to Terms with Hawks…

Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link.

Obviously, this is a big time coup for the Seahawks. This provides a great deal more flexibility heading into the main free agency period and draft. The contract numbers have not been released yet, but when they are I will provide a cap hit breakdown. Happy days Hawk fans!

He is coming on NFL Radio on Sirius shortly, so hopefully we will get more details.


Mr. Wahle is extremely happy that he is a Seahawk. “I am just thrilled to be part of such a great organization.” “Seattle were on the very top of a short list.” He said the Seahawks are “a class organization.”

“One of the big draws was having a top QB in his prime.” He also has ties to the area, his father went to Bellvue high. He also is friends with Hass from their days in GB and is looking forward to protecting him.

He had several talks with coach Solari. “he comes off as quite a teacher and I am excited to work with him.” The coaches he spoke to are “excited about getting better.” As for displacing Rob Simms on the left side, he said “I have been around the block a bit and I am eager to share info with the younger guys.”

He finished the interview by saying he had to get a Starbucks before getting on the plane, “I figure I better get use to that stuff.”

Welcome to the Seahawks Mike, Do your job well and you will be loved here for life!