Two Critical Days Upcoming

Maybe some of you don’t know this, or some just haven’t thought about it, but Monday and Tuesday are two extremely critical days for the front office. On Wednesday, most of the Seahawks brass, most of the NFL executives, and agents for that matter, will all descend upon the RCA Dome in Indy for the NFL Scouting Combine. So why is this so important….

Well, a lot of contract negotiating goes on at the combine. Unfortunately, most of those deals are signed the first week in March when players make big money switching teams. Also, Thursday is the last day to apply franchise tags. So, Tim Ruskell needs to make some tough decisions on Monday or Tuesday and possibly ink a player or two. If he doesn’t, the Seahawks will be behind the proverbial eight ball. Hawk fans could be looking at a team with only one of the four premier UFA’s back. By signing one, it would allow the tag to be placed on another. That is probably the best scenario Hawk fans can hope for at this point.

So anyway…. Stay tuned…. the early part of this week will be very telling to the direction of the franchise. I will have all the news and analysis as it breaks right here, so check in often and get the scoop.