Trust the Professor

John Clayton, on KJR, this morning warns Seahawk fans to “be cautious.” He proclaims that Crumpler “is on the decline.”

John says that Fred Davis is “the perfect player for this team, especially because they need to get younger and more vital on offense.” He says Mendenhall will be available when the Hawks pick, but the right pick is Davis. This goes against the fan poll on the right side, where most would like Mendenhall.

He also proclaims that Tim Ruskell is “smart and clearly has a plan.” I am sure some of you will take exception to this, but judging by the SeahawkAddicts– Tim Ruskell Approval Rating poll–He does have an approval rating of 95%.More to come as John says it….

Clayton continues to support the analysis I did earlier this week that taking the tight end first is the smart move, especially in this draft. Mike Kahn seemed to think that Davis and Matellus Bennett of TX A+M are the only two elite TE prospects, and the Hawks need one of them. Would one of them be available in the 2nd? Maybe. But we know backs like Slaton, Hart, Rice, Forte, Chris Johnson(ECU), and Kevin Smith(Central Fla) will be available in the 2nd and even third.

John said that it is a gamble that Fred Davis even reaches the Seahawks at #25. Because last years TE class was so weak there are plenty of teams looking to upgrade that position.

Rob Rang says that if one of the elite three RB’s are available, the Hawks need to take him, he just doesn’t believe one will be available.

He says Mendenhall is a very accomplished pass blocker and is the most versatile back in the draft. It also benefits him that Illinois didn’t run him into the ground.

The big knock on Stewert is that he will be an injury risk in the NFL because of his physical running style.

Rang thinks Mendenhall and Stewart are safer picks than Darren Mcfadden.

If the Hawks wait… He thinks they could take a shot at Tashard Choice in the 4th. I am very high on Choice. He looked like the perfect fit at the senior bowl.

Rang thinks Martelus Bennett isn’t a Ruskell type of player. He has problems self motivating.

Rang says guard and safety are the weakest positions. Good thing we have used FA’s to upgrade those positions.