Top TE Hits the Market

Well, after the Seahawks signed one veteran player who had been released before the free agency period begins, they have the chance to fill another hole before most contracts expire. If they are interested, Alge Crumpler, has just been released. I would have to imagine the Hawks might make a phone call on this one, with the sad state of the tight end market. And his talents should be fresh in their head as he torched the Seahawk D, albiet with some 2nd teamers playing, for 67 yds and 2 TD’s.

Something else to note, if the Seahawks don’t want Crumpler, who ever signs him will probably be one less team who will draft TE. For the Scouts Inc breakdown…

Here is the player breakdown from Scouts Inc…

2007 Scouting Report – Scouts Inc.

Grade: 83 | Key
Alert: None

Comment: Crumpler has good size, functional strength and athletic ability. He is a big, productive receiving target. He can align at multiple spots and create mismatches. He is quick and agile off the ball and into stems. He is savvy in his routes and knows how to set up a defender to create separation at the top of stems. He has the play speed to be effective on all three levels. He has very good hands, makes difficult downfield catches and can extend outside his frame. He runs with power and is surprisingly nimble after the catch. He is tough to bring down in space. He is a big threat in the red zone. He has good initial quickness into blocking patterns and strong, active hands. He can get movement off the ball and understands good body position and power angles. He works hard to finish and has the balance and control to be effective on the second level. Crumpler isn’t an elite blocker and lately has had trouble staying healthy.

Sounds like he would fit in well, but he needs to be able to keep his weight down and his quickness up, or he could end up being the next Jermaine Wiggins. Good thing for us we should have some REAL SOLID inside info on his work ethic from Jimmy Boy.