Tampa Bay is on Niko

In a surprise move, the Tampa Bay Bucs have focused on Niko Koutovides.

They are looking at him in a backup role. Unfortunately, the Hawks can’t pay nearly as much for back ups as the Bucs can right now. That said, Niko, primarily a middle linebacker, has little chance of seeing regular duty for the Hawks due to the presence of Lofa Tatupu.

–Right now, it would seem the Skins are focused on Todd Collins, so Hackett may be over their heads as well.

–Also Kwamme Harris has agreed with the Raiders. The Niners have already lost two linemen so far. Now it will be a race to see who can dislocate body parts of Alex Smith. I hope we play them in week 2! UPDATE–11:10, this is not confirmed and other suitors have entered, however it appears Harris won’t be in SF either way.