Something Else to Think About…

Many of the loyal readers here (thanks again), have been discussing the idea that if the Hawks were to pursue Crumpler it would mean the end of the Trufant era. Along with this discussion is the question of how much a top corner is worth. If, and i am not suggesting they will ,the Hawks let Tru walk because he wants more money than god, here could be a replacement. We all know how Tim Ruskell likes his former players. This is guy that has gotten it done over the years and I don’t think anybody can complain about his size, “At 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, he was one of the most physical corners in the NFL.”

It is possible that the Hawks could get Brian Kelly and Alge Crumpler for the same price as Tru. The team would be getting long in the tooth, but the Defense overall is still pretty young. Also, it would allow the team the freedom of taking the best players off the board in April, instead of trying to fill needs.