Seahawks meeting with Wahle Already!!!!!

Recently released Panthers guard Mike Wahle is on his way to Seattle. Great news for Seahawk fans!!! Here is the scoop from

No word on what type of contract he will want, but it is probably less than Faneca. Also, because he played in a very similar system in Green Bay, he should be able to fit right in. Also, because he was released, he is allowed to sign immediately and does not have to wait until the 28th.

Wahle was drafted by Mike Holmgren his last year in Green Bay.

UPDATE (10:45) — Here is another story on Wahles visit.
The Seahawks should do whatever they need to do within reason to take advantage of this personnel opportunity.”
NO SHIT! DON”T LET HIM LEAVE WITH OUT SIGNING! Check here tomorrow I will be all over this story.