Podcast the Revenge! Week 1 Breakdown

by: Michael Steffes

Well the inmates were running the asylum again last night. They created a monster. The Seahawk Addicts week one podcast. Chris, Gonzo and I talked briefly about the season opener from last night and then go DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP into the important matchups of Sunday’s opener. It is long, but I think it is pretty informative.

Got 40 minutes to waste in as productive a way as possible, then click here to listen to the new podcast, or below to listen in iTunes.

With the season starting, we are working on a new format for the podcasts. Along with talking about the previous weeks game, previewing the next game (hopefully with guests), we are adding a email inbox segment and a football 101 piece.

In the email segment, we will choose an email question or two to read and discuss. So if you would like to participate please send a question to podcasts@seahawkaddicts.com. For the Football 101 segment, we are going to break down a play/penalty/event etc from the previous weekends games that we think will allow us to promote a better understanding of the game.

With this we are still looking for feedback on these ideas, and suggestions of other new segments you might like to hear. We have a few guests lined up, especially for the bye week. If there is anything else you want, or need, or simply can’t get enough of….let us know. Thanks. ~END!