Patience Patience Patience

Patience to the Hawk fans who sit idly by an wait to see what happens with several popular players.

And also, Patience to me, who has been struggling all day because my Verizon DSL service is about as useful as a poopy flavored lolly pop. Apparently there was an outage in my area, but that has been resolved since 2pm. Mine is still out. To show my dedication to the loyal readers, i am eating dinner at an IHOP (free wifi) and blogging while doing it. Pay the price, right? Anything it takes! Lucky for me, Tim Ruskell seems about as capable of resigning a player as Verizon is at fixing my

So here is some happenings from this afternoon, none really deserve a blog post, but since I felt like explaining my absence, here goes: UPDATE TOO!..New UPdate(6:59pm)

–Lito Sheppard, CB, from the Eagles has been given permission to find a trade and new deal, if it is out there. He is a nice player. A good physical corner. Unfortunately he can’t make it through a whole season healthy and therefore not worth a draft pick and more money.

NEW UPDATE– The Eagles are completely denying this report. I guess Lito has been shopping himself around and telling fibs. That probably gets him traded anyway.

–Moose Muhammed was released by the Bears. He would fit that veteran, Joe Jurevicous type receiver. He would have to play that role on the veteran minimum for one year for the Hawks to be interested.

–UPDATE–Along with Moose, Darwin Walker, DT, 30yrs old, was made an UFA when the Bears declined his option. He is a big DT whose strength is rushing the passer. Stay tuned, the Hawks may show some interest.

–UPDATE– Almost forgot, Jared Allen and Stacy Andrews(cin) had the franchise tag applied to them today. If you missed it, the Cards used theirs on Karlos Dansby a couple of days ago. Spin the wheel round, and the Hawks tag goes on….who?

Anything I missed? Except for a another heated TE debate. And for the record, Mel Kiper ranks up there with Verizon DSL with me, I just used the name cause I was trying to show that both football people and draft experts like Davis. I use Rob Rang and NFL Draft Scout for my info, and by the way, Rang is high on Davis (and Jermichal Finley for those who want to wait). Hopefully there will be Hawk news to report soon.