Movin’ on up….

Some of you may notice, especially after reading this post, that you have been redirected to a new web address. Thats right Hawk Fans…… Seahawk Addicts has gone big time!!!! Actually, we just registered a domain name. The blog can now be found at Hopefully one day soon, the search engines will even find us.

Anyway, while I am at it. I want to thank everybody for all the kind words in the comment sections and the references form people on other sites. Not surprisingly, traffic has increased by more than 1000% in a few short days. And according to Google Analytics, many of you have been coming back and checking often.

I am throughly enjoying the process, and appreciate all those who have helped. Matt the Giants fan, you might have seen his comment on David Tyree, made the new logo for us. Lucky SOB! Also, Chris who helped make a google gadget for readers who need to cheat to read the blog at work(just like the TNT’s). If you want to add the gadget, the button is on the right of the page. Thanks to everyone. I will keep up the news and analysis as long as there are people who come by and comment. Cheers to all and Gooooooooooo Hawks. 2008 is gonna be one hell of a ride!