Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money???

With our first Free Agent in town, it is a good time to continue the examination of the Seahawk’s Salary cap. Also, I have added a link to the original spreadsheet (done by Ian Whetstone) on the right. I will be updating it as needed. Currently, i have simply removed Mack Strong’s 08′ salary and added Howard Green.

After reading this article right here, about how the Redskins believe they will trade for Chad Johnson and sign Lance Briggs, I got to thinking how could this be possible considering a week ago they were 20mil over the cap.

They have already begun restructuring deals. So I reviewed the Seahawks contracts and have concluded that their are two deals that when restructured will provide a good deal of cap savings.
First, Deion Grant. Its simple, he is due a 5 mil roster bonus. He is signed for four more years. By converting this to a signing or option bonus, this can be prorated over the 4 year period thus saving close to 4 million.

Second, Big Walt. He is always willing to restructure. Plus, chances of us cutting him are slim. If we convert his 8.6 mi salary into a prorated bonus. His contract runs through 2012, that is 4 years of proration. While it makes his cap hit big next year, his salaries actually go down after that, making it very manageable

The salary spreadsheet I am working with is right here. Besides, in two years there might not be a cap!