Look who’s Mr. Popular

Looks like the Seahawks may need to rely on the past relationships with Jim Mora Jr and Patrick Kerney if they decide to pursue Alge Crumpler. ESPN reported earlier that Crumpler has always dreamed of playing in Charlotte. Now the Bucs fans are chiming in and saying Alge “would be the man” in Tampa. Others who could be interested include the Vikings, Bills, and Saints.

What do the Seahawks have going for them that neither of these two teams do. Well, consecutive winning seasons, 5 to be exact. Plus, an excellent opportunity to go the playoffs again. Another big draw for the Seahawks is the stability of the quarterback situation. We are in a slim minority that can claim that. Also, he knows what he is getting in a coach, at least once Mora starts.

Really, this acquisition comes down to three things.
1) Is his knee healthy, or will it only get worse
2) How much does he care about winning?
3) Mora’s recomendation. Obviously, if Mora says forget it, there will be no interest from Kirkland.

And for a little more Wahle news, Mike Sando finally checks in with the difference in perception between Car and Seattle. Its his usual wait and see approach.